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We are a solutions company. Every aspect of our service portfolio has to meet or exceed best industry practices, and our solutions must ultimately improve the competitive position, visibility, and attractiveness, visual and otherwise of the hotel and its profile and presentation – and hence the travel shopper research, decision making and buying experience. Our unstinting aim is to maximise channel shift throughout the process to the direct sales channel (i.e. the hotel website) to minimise cost of sale, and to maximise the online experience. However we also understand how on line travel companies, merchants and distributors contribute to a hotel’s sales and revenues (and costs!), and unlike some companies, we promote optimal use of these channels within the whole sales process. And our ecommerce solutions ensure that the travel shopper gets a better on line experience on the hotel website, than the equivalent booking experience on any third party website.

We also understand the resurgence in the voice channel, especially following the meteoric growth in use of smartphone/mobile channel – and most notably local, there are huge opportunities here. We have a state of the art, market leading mobile/smartphone web site and marketing solution, and which naturally includes a properly rendering mobile booking engine to make the whole process smooth and user friendly.

As I write, many libel suits are building up against social media, particularly Twitter. We advocate great caution in this area, as all the benefits being expounded all over the web by so called ‘social media experts’ risk becoming self-fulfilling prophecies, with no attention being paid to the massive risks inherent in these solutions and the potential costs involved.

Social media marketing needs to be what it says – marketing – and not just vast accumulations of chatter and noise.

It is in these areas that risk are greatest, and our social media solutions will guide you through the pitfalls, and ensure that where necessary, the proper balance is struck between managing your social media in the on line and offline space.

All our main services are listed below – as most hoteliers will be familiar with these topics, we don’t see the need to write reams of detail about them. We do recommend you look particularly at our SEO page and see what results we have been achieving for our clients.

Read also how we approach the modern trends towards multi channel marketing and distribution, modern travel shopper behaviour, and the trend towards channel convergence, here.

Our main web based solutions

  • Continuous diagnostics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market positioning, planning
  • First tier hosting, email and technical support
  • Optimal web design and development
  • Professional copywriting
  • Landing page writing and optimisation
  • Total website optimisation
  • CMS and all site maintenance and support
  • SEO and marketing
  • Local and destination marketing,and Google Maps/Places
  • CRS based ecommerce
  • Direct connect and channel management
  • Email marketing
  • Retention marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Analytics and actions
  • Gift voucher systems
  • Multi channel marketing and distribution

Our main New Media solutions

  • Mobile/smartphone web sites
  • Mobile/smartphone booking engines
  • Mobile/smartphone search
  • Mobile apps
  • Geo targeting and localisation/local search
  • Mobile/smartphone marketing tactics
  • Mobile ecommerce, including voucher schemes
  • Social media pros and cons
  • Social media risk/reward assessments
  • Social media action plans
  • Social media metrics
  • Videos and visual impact
  • Distribution of visual products
  • Analytics and actions
  • Multi-channel marketing and distribution

Our main operational and training solutions

  • Operational audits, on site if necessary
  • In house technology solutions
  • In house merchandising
  • Training plans and programmes
  • Integration of PMS and CRS
  • Channel and revenue management
  • How front office can increase sales
  • Pre and post stay guest communications
  • On line guest review solutions
  • Managing data and customer segmentation

Latest News

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for the intimate exclusive use products at Strand House, near Rye. 

  • Innfinite to design and develop new web and mobie presence for the new Rennie Mackintosh hotel Union Street Glasgow

  • Innfinite appointed management contrat for Stronlossit inn, designs new website and mobile site

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for Ash Restaurant at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness

  • Innfinite wins new mobile web design/development and presence for famous La Bonne Auberge restaurant, Glasgow

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