Why a one stop shop is crucial to our, and your success

We provide total, one stop shop solutions. Innfinite is your ‘project management team’ for all key strategy , operational and implementation activity necessary to deliver the optimal solution.  Not only does this take the considerable pressure off your own resources, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter most in running the business, but it allows us to enhance your solution by integrating some world class partners into your project, and at prices you can afford.  We work with our chosen partners to maintain a consistency and continuity of thought, objective and purpose to your solution – all our collective focus is on the same needs to deliver the best solution.

Too often, ‘contracting out’ services on projects as important as those contributing your on line success, means dilution of the focus and purpose, and often difficulties and delays in the project delivery timescales. Should you ever have the need to contract out, we always recommend you do strict due diligence on a potential contributor to your business success or failure if you/they get it wrong).

Another benefit to you, the client, is that we pass on cost reductions in these valuable services, as we provide critical mass to these partners, allowing them to pass on volume cost reductions to us.

This means:

  • You’ll get cheaper service costs (and usually better, quicker service) than if you went to them direct
  • You may be able to afford their services, which you might not if you went direct

We have chosen our service provider partners very carefully indeed. We chose Rackspace for hosting and email solutions, because:

  • They are the proven best in class
  • They are the most affordable, even to our smallest clients
  • They have the best reliability on the market
  • They give immediate attention to, and resolution of problems, 24/7
  • They host our own dedicated servers, managed by them for us – this means you are on our servers, not using someone else’s server space (as you might be with e.g. Freeserve)and the risks involved
  • They work with us to maximise download speeds, which are amazing, and critical
  • They give us all the backup information we need, at all times

Find out more about Rackspace and its range of solutions

We chose Navarino, and Sabre, for all our ecommerce, and many of our mobile needs, because (just some of the reasons):

  • The Sabre (formerly Synxis) booking engine and CRS system is world class, and used by Relais Chateaux, Johansens, Mandarin and Oriental, JAL Hotels, Regent hotels, Preferred Hotel Group &c
  • Is very easy to install and use, and has unlimited global access
  • Has direct connect agreements with most major third party merchants and distributors, allowing management of your key third party providers from one control panel
  • Provides a fantastic booking experience for your customers, old and new
  • The Sabre GDS system is the world’s largest electronic reservation system
  • The UK support team at Navarino is 24/7, and second to none we have ever experienced
  • Navarino’s knowledge of GDS marketing is massive, putting you at the top of the list with the major GDS systems
  • Sabre and Navarino together are way ahead of the curve on mobile web and distribution/marketing, and we have already delivered best in class mobile solutions for some of our clients
  • Sabre has a huge development budget, ensuring that your system is always at the leading edge of hotel booking and distribution technology
  • Most importantly – we have collaborated with Synxis and Navarino to greatly increase returns to most clients who have switched to our service from other ecommerce providers – in some cases over 40%

Find out more about Sabre (Synxis) and its range of solutions

Find out more about Navarino and its range of solutions

Get the current (Synxis) Guest Connect presentation

We chose VFM Leonardo for all our high level visual needs, because:

  • They understand the impact of ‘visual’ and rich media on on- line merchandising and booking
  • They are used by world leading hotel groups such as IHG
  • Their global distribution of (especially) video and visual content is the most comprehensive and best on the market
  • Their Vbrochure is the ultimate in hotel visual merchandising
  • They have demonstrated by the quality and distribution of their solutions that they have a significant impact on sales and conversions

Find out more about VFM Leonardo and its range of solutions

We also partner with some of our clients to enhance both theirs and our service portfolios and solutions.  So – we partner with both Chardon Management, and Portland Hotel Management in providing support services and full service portfolios as required and which matter most to their management contract clients, asset management and development solutions, and their work in the bank referral, liquidation and receivership ‘troubleshooting’ and management contracts for hotel businesses which largely suffered due to the recent recession, but which clearly have viable futures.

Latest News

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for the intimate exclusive use products at Strand House, near Rye. 

  • Innfinite to design and develop new web and mobie presence for the new Rennie Mackintosh hotel Union Street Glasgow

  • Innfinite appointed management contrat for Stronlossit inn, designs new website and mobile site

  • Innfinite wins new web design/development for Ash Restaurant at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness

  • Innfinite wins new mobile web design/development and presence for famous La Bonne Auberge restaurant, Glasgow

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