Chardon Management 

Chardon Management Ltd (CML) is widely regarded as the leading independent hotel management contract company in the UK. With our new additions we now currently have hotel management contracts for 30 properties in several locations across the UK. CML operate hotel management contracts for different owners and make use of brands available from global companies such as Best Western, Hilton, Choice Hotels and InterContinental Hotels Group. We also have management contracts for 6 UK health and fitness clubs.

We have worked closely with Innfinite and its partners and consultants since 2000, when our business was only 3 properties strong.  Innfinite exclusively provides all our web support, hosting, design, development and marketing services for all our properties, and has been with us throughout our meteoric growth from 2000 to date. The results they have consistently produced for us on the web have totally vindicated our policy of individual unit websites for all our properties, branded or not.  We have enjoyed consistently superb natural (organic) search ranking on all the hotel product and destination searches for our properties, and excellent conversion performance right across the board. Our destinations and locations are all extremely challenging and competitive on the web. Not only have Innfinite produced almost 100% of our web traffic through organic search, resulting in very low costs of sales and marketing, they have helped us win good yielding conversions from the right type of customers and markets for our various business models, in the right places at the right times.

Innfinite is currently also supporting us in the development of our mobile/smartphone and social media strategies, and in the training of our key staff on all things web.

Portland Hotels

Portland Hotels is an exciting, acquisitive, high growth hotel management private company based in Edinburgh, currently managing 5 very successful, well known Scottish hotels. Portland has been working very successfully with Innfinite since 2005 (around the time they began the management and total transformation of Glasgow Pond Hotel), and have undertaken and delivered a succession of leading edge web developments , marketing and ecommerce e programmes, together with the provision of all on line hosting, support and management services. Portland Hotels delivered record results in 2010, following a period of significant year on year growth since the association with Innfinite, whom we regard as partners rather than suppliers. This growth is very largely attributed to the successful, leading edge on line strategy which Portland has enjoyed.

This growth has continued in 2011 so far, we find Innfinite’s understanding of hotels, as well as their skills in business development marketing and ecommerce techniques, has been invaluable to us and has helped us greatly in de-branding 2 of our hotels, and the attendant replacement of business and channel shift which this required. Their focus is totally revenue, profits and results centric – and they are now spearheading a major leading edge move by the company in to the mobile/smartphone arena.


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Latest News

  • March 2017

    Innfinite wins new web design/development for the intimate exclusive use products at Strand House, near Rye. 

  • February 2017

    Innfinite to design and develop new web and mobie presence for the new Rennie Mackintosh hotel Union Street Glasgow

  • Sept 2016

    Innfinite appointed management contrat for Stronlossit inn, designs new website and mobile site

  • September 2016

    Innfinite wins full service contract for the new Citadel Apartments serviced apartments group in London

  • Jun 2016

    Innfinite wins full service contract for the new owners at Carrick Lodge Hotel and restaurant, Ayr

  • December 2016

    Innfinite wins new web design/development for all 5 hotels belonging to Portland Hotels Group, based in Edinburgh

  • Jan 2017

    Innfinite wins new web design/development for Ash Restaurant at the Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness

  • Jun 2016

    Innfinite wins new mobile web design/development and presence for famous La Bonne Auberge restaurant, Glasgow

  • May 2016

    Innfinite undertakes full on line audit for the well know Easy Breaks hotel group, based in Edinburgh

  • Late 2015

    Innfinite wins full on line services contract for Popinjay Hotel, also the development for the Hokuma Hotel Group in Azerbaijan

  • Jun 2014

    Innfinite wins new on line presence contract for Chardon Management brand 'Hotel Deals', and has launched new Chardon Hotels brand website

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