Innfinite Hospitality - Serving UK and international branded and independent hotels with game changing, leading edge marketing and ecommerce solutions since 1997.


1          Best practice direct on line strategies


While at all times we maximise your direct on line channel, we also recognise and strategise third party providers most important to the business model


2          Web design, development and SEO


14 years of top level travel web experience have given us a strategic advantage, and best prospects of success for your business


3          Full service internet marketing


Exploiting every on line channel on the web which can produce best quality/quantity business conversions, using modern market segmentation and travel shopper behaviour


4          Ecommerce and distribution solutions


Working closely with our ecommerce partners Sabre and Navarino Services to provide best in class, CRS, multi channel based ecommerce and Google rate feed solutions


5          Social media and mobile marketing


Fully exploiting the mobile/smartphone channel fully with best practice mobile marketing, web design and geotargeting. Careful, risk minimised social media solutions. 


6          Multi channel marketing


Ensuring as far as possible that the business profile, proposition, visual impact and promotional solution is consistently portrayed and distributed across all channels


7          Mission critical continuous performance analysis

We are only as good as the results we produce, we will promote continuous, comprehensive performance measurement and analytics, not to look at, but to learn from, and act.


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Latest News

  • June 2014

    Innfinite wins full service contract for Strand House, near Rye. Including new web design/development

  • May 2014

    Innfinite wins full service contract for Leigh Sports Village Hotel in Greater Manchester, owned/managed by KS Hotels

  • March 2014

    Innfinite designing and developing new on line presence for the world famous Peat Inn, near St Andrews in Scotland

  • January 2014

    Innfinite to design and develop adventure holiday and activity centre websites for SGE Hotels, based in Dunoon

  • June 2013

    Innfinite wins new on line presence contract for Chardon Management brand 'Hotel Deals', and has launched new Chardon Hotels brand website

  • April 2013

    Work negins on a completely new on line presence and e/m-commerce solution for SGE Hotels (Argyll and Esplanade Dunoon, Columba Oban, Imperial Fort William and Leapark Grangemouth)

  • March 2013

    New web design, evelopment, SEO and marketing contract for Sotto le Stelle, luxury holiday apartments in Picinisco, Italy

  • January 2013

    The new web development and online presence and strategy for TIME Hotels Dubai is launched

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